What Are The Danger Signs of Too Much Physical Workout?

The good news is that very few people are going to experience this problem. In fact, most people, if given a chance, would rather avoid the gym. Everybody knows this because hey let’s face it, when you’re in the gym and you’re looking around, people are not having a good time.

When was the last time you saw somebody on a treadmill for 3 straight hours with a nice, honest, sincere, authentic smile on his face? The answer is never. The whole idea of physical workouts is that you put your body through and ordeal.

In other words, you’re basically punishing your body. So it is not a surprise that when people go workout, it’s really very rare that they over exert themselves.

Now, it does happen. Maybe somebody just got into the zone and stayed on a good folding workbench for an hour too long. Maybe the person next to you just experienced a massive release of endorphins. These are the opioid like chemicals that your brain naturally produces which makes you high.

When you’re on that level, working out actually becomes very pleasurable. The problem is when you overdo it, physical workouts can be really bad for you.

Here are just some signs that you need to be on the lookout for

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What are the danger signs of too much physical work outs?”, consult the list below.

Muscle tears

Please understand that there’s a big difference between muscle pain and muscle tears. Remember the first time you started working out and hitting the weights? Well, I can guarantee you that on your first 2 days, you’ll be feeling sore.

That’s muscle pain. That’s completely natural and completely expected. On the other hand, if you feel your muscles on your chest, arms, the back of your arms and elsewhere and you can tell that there’s a tear, that’s something else.

At that point, you might want to go see the doctor and, regardless of what the doctor says, give the gym a break. When you do that, you give your body a tremendous opportunity to heal itself. Remember, your body is already in the process of healing itself.

It has a built in powerful self repair self nourishing system. By simply taking some time off, you give that system time to catch up. That’s really all you’re doing. Your doctor might recommend or prescribe certain medication. You definitely need to follow that. But at the very least, you should give working out a rest.

You find yourself obsessing about your next workout

You know you’re working out too much if all you can think about is your next workout. You have become a beef head or a gym rat. This is a term many people use for individuals who have basically lived their lives around the gym.

This is unhealthy. Why? You base a lot of your identity and your need for validation as well as your sense of meaning from your workout. That’s going to be a problem because let’s face it, if you base a lot of your identity and meaning on your job and your job somehow, someway, goes away, what happens to you?

That’s right. You will enter depression. You start questioning everything and you go through some mental and emotional funk. It’s not a nice place to be in. It’s a very sad situation. This is due to the fact that you have no control.

When you base your identity, happiness and contentment on something beyond your control, you are putting your mental health in danger. At the very least, you’re going to go through some sort of emotional down turn.

Nobody needs to go through that. The best thing you can do is simply take the initiative and figure out things that you like about yourself. These are the things that nobody can take away. One of the most common examples of this is when people fall in love and they think that their whole world revolves around that other person, what if that other person is going behind your back?

What if that other person is just trying to get into your money? What if that other person doesn’t really love you or is confused or may have loved you, but snapped out of their confusion? What happens then?

You can’t put yourself in that situation. You have to take control. And this means finding your inner competence and building your confidence from that. Unfortunately, if you think that the only reason why people like you is because of your physique or the fact that they see you all the time at the gym, then you have a serious problem on your hands.

You’re basically placing a lot of your self worth and self esteem on a situation that you really can not control. What if that gym goes away? What if you lose your membership? What if there’s some sort of drama and you can’t go back to the gym? What happens then?

The worst part to all of that is that you did it to yourself. So do yourself a big favor and focus on something that you can genuinely appreciate and genuinely control that’s locked within you. That’s how you grow as a person.

The problem with people who base a lot of their self esteem on something else or some other group of people or some sort of label or title, is that they’re looking for a crutch. They really haven’t quite managed to come up with an identity for themselves.

This is not going to be easy because you have to understand that as you transition through life and as life deals its rewards and punishments, you really have to roll with the blows. You have to take a licking and keep on ticking.

It’s not easy because it requires you to mature. You have to understand that the only reason why there is pain in the universe is because you have to learn a lesson. And the problem is until and unless people wake up to this, they’re going to have to go take that lesson over and over again.

In fact, it’s not a surprise that a vast majority of people keep taking the same lesson until they die. Pretty sad, right?

So do yourself a big favor. Find something meaningful within you and build your life on that. Don’t depend on your physique or your status at the gym because all of that will fade soon enough. Build your identity on something real. You’re working out too much when people tell you.

Finally, one clear indicator that you’re working out too much is when other people sit up and pay attention. They stop you and tell you, “Hey! Aren’t you taking this a little bit to the extreme? Aren’t you overdoing this a bit much?”

That’s going to be a problem because if you think this is crazy or extreme or weird, pay attention to the gym that you go to. Try to go there at different times. I can guarantee you that there’s at least one person there who’s pretty much there 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you happen to go to a 24 hour gym, you’d be shocked as to how many people actually live there. In fact, you might be asking yourself, “Is this person homeless? Is this person just hanging out at the gym so they can use the showers and work out? Is this person just parking his body in the gym so he can have something to do?”

Those are fair questions to ask because it seems that these people have nothing else going on. It’s easy to dismiss these individuals and think that they are somehow, someway, losers. But they’re not. There’s a serious disconnect there.

Maybe there’s a psychological need. Maybe there is some sort of coping system malfunction. Unfortunately, unless you’re careful, you might turn into that person. So it might seem like it’s funny. But it isn’t.

It may be a sign of something else that’s going on in your life. Maybe it’s an 800 pound elephant in your life that you refuse to look at fair and square. You have to understand that the human mind is very powerful. It has a tremendous built in coping mechanism and its ability to come up with all sorts of contrived stories to make its world make sense is nothing short of breath taking.

It really is amazing. You’d be surprised as to how many people tell all sorts of stories to themselves to make their lives make sense when everybody else around them knows what the real issue is. The real issue is that they’re afraid to step up to somebody.

The real issue is that they’re cowards regarding the opportunities presented to them. The real issue is they really got burned so bad by the past relationship that they’re making all these excuses. Don’t be one of those people.

Understand what your issues are because there’s a 99% chance that it has nothing to do with the gym.

The gym tells you to level up

There are many gyms who have many different levels of membership. And if you find yourself spending too much time in the gym and just over exerting yourself, don’t be surprised if a gym staffer pulls you aside.

They may have to tell you that given your usage and intensity of usage of the premises that you would have to pay extra. Don’t look at this as a bad thing. This basically is a question of fairness. They’re offering a service to the public and the idea behind that service is that people would use it within a reasonable range.

Now, if somebody is basically going to the gym 24/7, then that person has to carry his own weight. Do you understand how this works? Do you see the inherent fairness issue behind this? Good! Don’t be offended if the gym says that given your usage pattern, you would have to step up as far as the fees that you’re paying.

The good news is that they probably will only do this if it’s really warranted. In other words, if you are able to keep up your intensity over several months. If they notice a spike in one month and it stabilizes after another, they probably wouldn’t even bother.

They probably would think that you just got motivated or somebody talked to you and it pumped you up and you got all excited about going to the gym and then now, you’re back to normal.

But if they notice that your attendance at they gym sky rockets one month and continues at the same pace or gets even more intense, then out of business reasons, they would step up to you. If you think about it, you really can’t blame them.