Some Diseases That Can Be Attributed to Being Fat

You hear in the media all the time that people shouldn’t get fat. In fact, there’s a tremendous amount of social stigma in America and elsewhere for fat people. But as much as the mass media and the popular celebrities try to make a big deal about the importance of being fit, the truth is Americas collective waistline continues to expand year after year.

The reason for this should not be a mystery. For the longest time, the American health establishment, and this includes the government, has been championing something called the food pyramid. At the base of this pyramid are a tremendous amount of grains.

Keep in mind that modern grains in the United States are heavily processed. Usually, they would strip out the fiber as well as the germ. The only thing that’s left really is the sugar part or the carbohydrate rich starchy part of wheat.

It’s ground up into flour which is then made into bread, pasta and what have you. This has been the base of the great American food pyramid for several decades now. What’s the net effect of this institutional recommendation?

Well, it’s not been pretty. People are dying of all sorts of lifestyle diseases related to obesity. You have to understand that when most of your diet is made up of highly processed and simplified carbohydrates, white flour, heavily polished rice and mashed potatoes, you’re basically pumping a tremendous amount of sugar in your system, which triggers a massive immediate insulin response.

If you repeat this enough times, you become insulin resistant and you develop type 2 diabetes. There is a type 2 diabetes explosion going on in the United States. My choice of the word “explosion” is not an accident nor is it an exaggeration.

This is the most accurate word I can find because when you compare type 2 diabetes rates today to 7 years ago, it’s just unprecedented. Very few people developed type 2 diabetes prior to 1940. Why? It’s long been associated with nobility.

If you’re really rich or really well off or you are a noble person or a member of royalty, that’s when you develop these type of diseases. But for everybody else who has to work under the hot sun and doesn’t know where their next meal is going to come from, type 2 diabetes isn’t even on the radar.

It would be a cruel joke to say that these people who work hard day after day, whether they are working class, lower class or middle class, would develop this type of disease. Fast forward to today and thanks to the American food pyramid and the explosion of cheap, heavily processed food in the United States, type 2 diabetes is a problem that does not want to go away.

Here’s the worst part. It is mostly afflicting lower income people. In other words, poor people are bearing the brunt of the obesity explosion in the United States because heavily processed foods are way cheaper than healthy foods.

If you don’t believe me, go to your local Whole Foods grocery. It will blow your mind. There are all sorts of healthy stuff out there like avocados to kale. But they cost a pretty penny. Now you go to a dollar store and there are tons of heavily processed food items that pack a tremendous amount of calories in a very small compact form that cost you all of but $1.

Which would you rather go with if you don’t have the budget? It shouldn’t be a mystery. This is why there is a growing disparity between rich and poor when it comes to type 2 diabetes rates.

Obesity leads to cardiovascular diseases

This is the most obvious connection between gaining weight and serious health risks. If you become obese, you increase your chances of coming down with a cardiovascular accident or disease. It doens’t really matter what form it takes.

Maybe a stroke will take you out. Maybe a heart attack will do the job. Maybe long term heart or chest pain is going to bring you down. Whatever the case is, you are definitely putting yourself in harms way by letting your waistline expand and expand.

Don’t underestimate the cancer risks

Along with our expanding waistlines, there’s also an increase in certain types of cancer. Depending on the foods that you eat on a day to day basis, you may increase your risk of developing one particular type of cancer over another.

The most common type of cancer involves the gastrointestinal system. A lot of people who eat heavily processed foods with absolutely no dietary fiber are prime candidates for colorectal cancer. In other words, your butt develops cancer.

Now as unappetizing as that may sound, please understand that your gastrointestinal track is very long. It starts from your mouth all the way to your stomach, to your small intestines, to your large intestines, to your colon and all the way down to your anus.

Any of those areas can develop cancer because of the foods that you eat. Also, when you pump your system with a tremendous amount of fat, you may also make yourself a prime candidate for really nasty forms of cancer like pancreatic cancer once you turn 50 and get older.

Now you may be asking yourself, “How can I pump fat in my system when all I eat are carbs?” Good question. Did you know that you’re not a plant? I’m sure that’s obvious. When you look at plants, they store energy in the form of starch.

That’s the starch that we get from plants. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, since human beings are animals, we store energy in the form of fat. So this means that when we eat a lot of sugars or carbohydrates and our body burns a significant portion of it and passes through another portion, the rest is then turned by our liver into fat.

This fat is then stored in our midsection, in our butts, in the back of our thighs, in the back of our neck, in our face, you name it. That’s how animals store energy. That’s what fat is. It’s stored energy. It’s supposed to get you through lean times.

But if you live in the United States or anywhere food is cheap and abundant, there are no lean times. So you keep storing fat over and over again and guess what? When you turn 50, that’s when you might have to pay the piper because pancreatic cancer is no joke.

The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is dismal. We’re talking about maybe 20% of people who come down with it living another 5 years. Who knows how much longer they would live. It’s a health statistic horror story.

The worst part to all of this is that you can easily avoid all of this by just changing your eating habits. You don’t necessarily have to go vegan. You don’t have to necessarily try to be a hero. You just have to switch.

For example, instead of eating mostly empty carbs in the form of soda or heavily processed starchy foods like bread and rice and mashed potatoes, you may want to switch to eating green leafy vegetables, other types of fruits and vegetables and then scale up to cauliflower, broccoli and eating leaner meats like fish.

If you do that, you do yourself a very big favor and you can end up prolonging your life. Make no mistake. Obesity causes a lot of problems. There are many diseases that can be attributed to being fat. It is definitely a scary situation.

But the good news is you have a lot more control over the situation than you give yourself credit for.