Currently ~ July 2016

It’s already half way through July, can you believe it!  Can’t summer just slow down a bit already?!   I am loving being at home full time with the boys and sort of dreading heading back to work in September.  However I think I can survive!

Here’s what I have been up to as of late.

Reading ~ The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

The past few months I have started reading through the collection of Nicholas Sparks books my aunt has passed on to me.  They are quick and usually great reads.  After I’m done I follow up with watching the movie that was most likely made.  This is perfect for the summer months!

Watching ~ Thirteen on BBC America

Since Orphan Black is over I decided to watch this new series.  Two episodes in and I am hooked!  Other than that I am really not regularly watching any series right now.


Loving ~
The Amazon Fire Stick

I finally gave in and bought the Amazon Fire Stick on Prime Day.  Note to self:  You should have done this at Christmas.  Love it!  The boys also love to be able to easily stream Netflix and watch shows from some of the kids apps you can download.

Not Loving ~ My Garmin

Actually, my lost Garmin.  It has to be in my house…..somewhere.  That is what I keep telling myself.  It is driving me crazy!

Wearing ~  Momentum Jewelry Wrap

My latest favorite!  I have a few wraps now and I absolutely love them.  Not only are they motivating when I am running or working out but they look good when I am just wearing my normal clothes!  *I am an ambassador but even if I wasn’t I’d still wear and love them!

Needing ~ To up my running mileage & pick a fall half marathon

The clock is ticking.  However my mileage has been steady at 3 runs less than 5 miles each and one long run that is anywhere from 6-8 miles.  I also have not settled on my fall half yet which I should already be in training for!

Craving ~ Turkey Bacon

Like all the time. I know, weird right?

Drinking ~ Water, water & water

I’ve started using my Shakeology shaker cup to up my water intake.  So far I filled it 3 times yesterday.  I’m going for 4 today and most days.

Excited about ~ Our next Camping trip that is coming up in a few weeks. We are off to Glen Ellis Falls Campground this time.  Fingers crossed it is nice, fun and the weather cooperates.

Happy about ~ Summer Vacation

Do I need to say more?

Let me know your thoughts and what is going on in your word Currently.

~ Carrie



Miles over the Moon ~ Race Recap

Let me start by saying I have wanted to run this race for what seems forever. For some reason there was always something that kept me from doing so. This year though the date was clear so in early June I went online spent my $25 and registered. 

The Miles over the Moon race is unique in that it is 4 miles, a race distance you don’t usually see. It also starts at 8:00pm when the sun is beginning to set and twilight comes upon us. It is held in my hometown of Salem, Ma just a few minutes away.  All of these were big draws in convincing me that I must run this race. 

The race promotes Brooks running shirts to the first 400 runners and awesome glow in the dark medals for all finishers.  Again, sign me up!

I picked up my race number the day before at a local running store.  It was then I was told of the shirt issue. I would have to pick up my shirt the day of or hang around a bit longer because there was an issue with them. However, since I wanted to check out some sneakers I was lucky enough to be there when the shirts arrived. They were not Brooks shirts but they were ok. 

The evening of the race the family and I left the house with plenty of time to spare. We found street parking a good walk away since the city lots were full and it looked like it was a busy Friday night in Salem.  We headed to the Salem Common where the race starts and ends. 

The great thing about this race is you can easily bring the kids, as long as someone is there to watch them of course!  The Common has an awesome playground, a basketball court and plenty of space to just play. Bill had the honors this year. 

The race organizers, The Wicked Running Club, having done this race many times had it running like a well oiled machine. There were plenty of port a pottys set up and they made frequent announcements as to the start of the race. 

About 10 minutes before the race start I made my way to the starting line. For some reason, maybe it was nerves I kept walking and found my way towards the back. After saying a quick hi to a friend the race was off. I didn’t even hear them announce the start. Crazy!

As we made our first loop around the Common it was fairly congested.  I got stuck behind some runners that I just couldn’t get past. I was getting frustrated that I placed myself so far back. Lessoned learned. 

Finally as we completed the loop and then headed down towards the Salem Willows I was able to pick up my pace and try to make up for lost time.  Side note, if you ever find yourself in Salem you need to go to Hobbs and have some popcorn! 

We made our way back towards the Common but not before we tackled the lone hill in this race.  This race is very flat which is one of the reasons I think it is so popular. 

Now back at the Common we had to do one more loop but this time we were inside the park. This loop seemed to drag and drag and drag. I was having a difficult time keeping my pace. 

I pushed through and get this, I finished in 32:37 with an 8:10 pace!!  I had been hoping to run 8:20’s ok maybe 8:40’s and knew it would be tough. I guess not!

After I crossed the finish line and found the boys I headed inside to grab more water, a banana and my glow in the dark medal. Not so fast!  There was an issue with the medals so there would not be any this year. Really?!? know it was not done on purpose and it won’t prevent me from registering again, but it kind of bummed me out. I can only imagine how the race organizers felt!  

In the end I 100% would run the Miles over the Moon 4 Mile Race again.  I wonder if I’ll beat my time?


Have you ever been let down by a race before?

What is the most unique race distance you’ve run?

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