He’s 5.

I can hardly believe it myself.  He starts kindergarten in September.  He is becoming more independent.  He really thinks he’s 8 like his brother is.

He climbs into my bed each and every night.  When, I have no idea because nothing wakes me it seems.  I just wake up and there he is cuddled next to me.

I asked B what his favorites currently are since now he is a 5 year old and all!

Favorite Color ~ Blue

Favorite Food ~ Cheez – it’s

Favorite TV Show ~ Teen Titans Go

Favorite Book ~There’s a Nightmare in my Closet

Best Friend ~ Jackson

Favorite Toy ~ Legos

Favorite Sport ~ Basketball

Favorite thing to do with Mom ~ Go to Chick-fil-A

Favorite thing to do with Dad ~ Play video games

He is my baby, my love-bug and my troublemaker all in one.

Happy Birthday B!  Mommy loves you one trillion, billion, 100, and more!

~ Carrie


Currently ~ July 2016

It’s already half way through July, can you believe it!  Can’t summer just slow down a bit already?!   I am loving being at home full time with the boys and sort of dreading heading back to work in September.  However I think I can survive!

Here’s what I have been up to as of late.

Reading ~ The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

The past few months I have started reading through the collection of Nicholas Sparks books my aunt has passed on to me.  They are quick and usually great reads.  After I’m done I follow up with watching the movie that was most likely made.  This is perfect for the summer months!

Watching ~ Thirteen on BBC America

Since Orphan Black is over I decided to watch this new series.  Two episodes in and I am hooked!  Other than that I am really not regularly watching any series right now.


Loving ~
The Amazon Fire Stick

I finally gave in and bought the Amazon Fire Stick on Prime Day.  Note to self:  You should have done this at Christmas.  Love it!  The boys also love to be able to easily stream Netflix and watch shows from some of the kids apps you can download.

Not Loving ~ My Garmin

Actually, my lost Garmin.  It has to be in my house…..somewhere.  That is what I keep telling myself.  It is driving me crazy!

Wearing ~  Momentum Jewelry Wrap

My latest favorite!  I have a few wraps now and I absolutely love them.  Not only are they motivating when I am running or working out but they look good when I am just wearing my normal clothes!  *I am an ambassador but even if I wasn’t I’d still wear and love them!

Needing ~ To up my running mileage & pick a fall half marathon

The clock is ticking.  However my mileage has been steady at 3 runs less than 5 miles each and one long run that is anywhere from 6-8 miles.  I also have not settled on my fall half yet which I should already be in training for!

Craving ~ Turkey Bacon

Like all the time. I know, weird right?

Drinking ~ Water, water & water

I’ve started using my Shakeology shaker cup to up my water intake.  So far I filled it 3 times yesterday.  I’m going for 4 today and most days.

Excited about ~ Our next Camping trip that is coming up in a few weeks. We are off to Glen Ellis Falls Campground this time.  Fingers crossed it is nice, fun and the weather cooperates.

Happy about ~ Summer Vacation

Do I need to say more?

Let me know your thoughts and what is going on in your word Currently.

~ Carrie



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