King Richard’s Faire

A couple of weekends ago we all headed off to King Richard’s Faire.  The Faire had been on our list of things to do with the boys for the last couple of years as we thought it would be something that they would really enjoy.

We arrived about a 1/2 hour after opening and found parking to be both free and plentiful.  This is always a huge bonus!  The ticket window area was very well organized.  Signage was visible in many different areas as were medevil costumed staff members willing to help.

Upon entry they were checking bags (yay!) and I found out that I was not allowed to bring in our own water.  I understand that they want to sell concessions and I am 100% fine with that however I think water should be the exception to the rule.  Even Fenway Park allows it as long as the bottle is not already opened.

A map that included descriptions of the various performances and different areas of the grounds was available and this came in handy as it was our first visit.  Of course the boys ran to the first gift shops they saw as soon as we walked in.  Parents BEWARE as there are a lot of shops here.  Unless you are prepared to spend, spend, spend or you have kids that actually listen when they are told no you WILL buy something.  We however made it out with zero purchases thanks to old fashioned bribery done in the car ride there.

There is so much to see and do when you are at the Faire that is included in your admission price.  Parades, shows, and of course you will see plenty of knights, princesses, fairies and more!

We decided to check out some of the performances while we were there.  The boys at first were not super excited to be waiting for a show that they were not sure about to start, but they loved them all!

We saw “The Squire of the Wire”, “Great Cats of the World Show”, “The Challenge of Champions” and my favorite “Jacques Ze Whippeur”.  What is great about the shows is that the audience gets to participate.  Sometimes people are asked to go up on stage or even help hold the tight rope while the performer walks above.  A helpful hint would be to bring some smaller bills as many of the performers welcome tips after the show.

There is also an area that has small rides and games.  These do cost extra so again be sure to have some cash on hand if you think this is something you’d like to do.

The family and I had a great day. It was much more than we expected it to be. The jousting alone will make us visit again next year!

King Richard’s Faire is open weekends through October 23rd.  Check out their webpage for more information on their themed weekends, directions, or even general questions I may not have discussed.

By the way, be sure to say hi to this guy on your way out.

~ Carrie

*My family received complimentary tickets to King Richard’s Faire. As always, opinions are my own.



He’s 5.

I can hardly believe it myself.  He starts kindergarten in September.  He is becoming more independent.  He really thinks he’s 8 like his brother is.

He climbs into my bed each and every night.  When, I have no idea because nothing wakes me it seems.  I just wake up and there he is cuddled next to me.

I asked B what his favorites currently are since now he is a 5 year old and all!

Favorite Color ~ Blue

Favorite Food ~ Cheez – it’s

Favorite TV Show ~ Teen Titans Go

Favorite Book ~There’s a Nightmare in my Closet

Best Friend ~ Jackson

Favorite Toy ~ Legos

Favorite Sport ~ Basketball

Favorite thing to do with Mom ~ Go to Chick-fil-A

Favorite thing to do with Dad ~ Play video games

He is my baby, my love-bug and my troublemaker all in one.

Happy Birthday B!  Mommy loves you one trillion, billion, 100, and more!

~ Carrie


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